All you need to know
for the Graz Marathon 2018

The annual autumn classic – Kleine Zeitung Graz Marathon – is getting closer and closer. Here you will find all necessary and organizational information for your perfect running weekend in Graz. If you can’t find the information you need, please feel free to contact our helpline (+43 660 9710200) or send an Email to


Registration and Running Documents

The pre-registration for Kleine Zeitung Graz Marathon is open and you can register yourself online herePre-registration ends on the 2nd of October 2018!

You can also easily register for all running events of Graz Marathon 2018 in the Giga Sport Graz. This is the same spot where registered runners do get their running documents (bib number, starter bag, etc.). The registration and document pick-up is open on Friday 12th of October from 10.00 to 19.30 and on Saturday 13th of October from 9:30 to 18.00.

Please notice that there is no pick-up and registration possible on Sunday!

If you’re not able to pick up your documents on your own, someone else can do this with your confirmation that you received when registered for the event.


No Running-Chip required

Graz Marathon has a new official timing system from MaxFun timing. With this system no running Chip is required. The measurement works with your bib-number. So if you mount your bib-number on your shirt, the time will be measured automatically.


Cloth storage

Bring your stuff to the cloth storage to the big tent at the Burgring (near Künstlerhaus). All you need to do is to brand the bag with your name and bib-number. The bag will be stored there until 16.30 on Sunday.

Please notice: We do not assume liability on your valuables!


Pacemaker Service

There will be certain pacemaker for the marathon. You will find them at the start, marked with beach flags. The pacemaker offer service for the following results:

                                                                                        The Pacemaker
 2:59,59 Stunden
 3:14,59 Stunden
 3:29,59 Stunden
 3:44,59 Stunden
 3:59,59 Stunden
 4:14,59 Stunden
 4:29,59 Stunden


The Course

The Course is also available on the right side at „downloads“.


The Event Schedule

FRIDAY, 12th of October SATURDAY, 13th of October SUNDAY, 14th of October
10.00-19.30 Sports fair, late entries for all competitions, distribution of race documents 9.30—18.00 Sports fair, late entries for all competitions, distibution of race documents 8.30-9.30 handing in self supply
13.00 Registration for all saturday competitions at Oper Graz 10.00 START Kleine Zeitung Graz Marathon and Relay Marathon
14.45 START Knax Klub Bambini Sprint 10.10 START Gigasport Half Marathon
15.15 START Kids Sprint/Junior Marathon 10.30 START Quarter Marathon
17.00 START  Family Run 12.45 Medal ceremony
17.30 Medal ceremony



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